Build on the world's first protocol for value exchange

RADAR is a ripple-protocol-based financial network to promote and develop the fastest and least expensive payment settlements systems on a global scale. It enables payments in all types of currency as easy as sending email.

RADAR is similar to Bitcoin in that it enables users across the network to make P2P transaction but with the benefit that it is currency neutral for real-time clearing and settlement through a series of currency issuers called gateways. This greatly reduces the time needed for transaction clearing including the costs of bank wire transfer.

Core Network


The core server that makes the Radar network possible.


Radar Lib

A Java API for communicating with radard.

Radar REST

Easily connect with a radard server using REST: check balances, set trust lines, and more.


Radar Trade

The official trade exchange / web client to Radar.

Radar Graph, Live charts

Interactive graph visualization of the Radar ledger.

Radar FX

Faster and lower-cost way to make cross-currency transactions.